We back strong management teams with scalable, interesting businesses.  Our strategy is to back companies at the early stage of their development and support them in becoming valuable companies.

Seeking funding?

We are always keen to hear from exciting companies seeking investment. Before getting in touch, please read through our website to understand where we invest and what we're looking for.

Of course, the best way to approach us is through an introduction from someone in our network.

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MMC London Fund

The MMC London Fund shares MMC's core focus, outlined on this page, and application process.

Please see the MMC London Fund page for more information.


MMC is looking for fast-growing UK businesses led by impressive management teams. We like technology-enabled businesses that can differentiate themselves from their competitors and protect their differentiation, and where we can accelerate growth through our involvement.

What we bring

Our investment approach is generalist but we actively seek opportunities in high growth sectors where the UK is a world leader, including business support services, financial services, digital media, consumer internet and software.

How we invest

We invest in fast-growing UK businesses that can demonstrate commercial traction and growing revenues. We do not invest in start-ups at the seed stages - we look for businesses with a live product, customers and revenue. We avoid capital intensive businesses and invest only when we are comfortable that we (and our co-investors, if applicable) have the capital capacity to see the business through to profitability or scale, at which point exits are more easily achieved.

Our process

Good investments are based on good relationships and good judgement. If we think we are the right partner to help you grow your business we will, through a series of meetings, conversations and sharing of information, endeavour to understand the basis for your business model and the opportunities and risks associated with your team.

What to include in the material you send us:

  • Description of product or service
  • Business model
  • Company vision, execution strategy and key milestones
  • Market (the problem and the opportunity) and competition
  • Team (your backgrounds, the culture you are creating and the advantage that you have in addressing this opportunity)
  • Historic and forecast financials and KPIs

We do not sign NDAs but we will treat any information you share with us in a professional and respectful manner - our reputation depends on this.

invests alongside them in EIS qualifying deals. MMC believes that co-investment benefits all MMC investors:
investors in the managed funds enjoy the mentor capital that the Syndicate offers, while increased funds
under management boost MMC's proprietary deal flow.

Applying for funding

We are always keen to hear from exciting companies seeking investment. Once you have read through our website to understand what we are looking for, please submit your business plan and we will do our best to come back to you promptly.

MMC London Fund

The MMC London Fund seeks to provide funding for early stage, fast-growing businesses in London. It is suitable for companies that have grown beyond the seed stage, have demonstrated commercial traction and revenue, and are seeking to raise follow-on capital to accelerate their growth.

The Fund shares its investment focus with MMC's other Funds and will sometimes co-invest alongside them. What we are looking for and the process for applying is as outlined above.

Please see the MMC London Fund page for more information.