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Breathing Buildings

Breathing Buildings provides low energy ventilation systems, using the principles of natural mixing ventilation in winter and natural upward displacement ventilation in the summer.

Shaun Fitzgerald, the CEO of Breathing Buildings, led a five year research project at the University of Cambridge which led to the development of a proprietary low-energy natural ventilation unit in 2006. Breathing Buildings was founded later that year and they have now installed equipment in more than 40 projects.

Company's vision

Their vision is to reduce the energy consumption of the built environment by becoming the world's leading provider of natural ventilation design services and systems.

MMC are working closely with the team to deliver on this vision. David Wilkinson, Finance and Operations Director of Breathing Buildings, said:

"MMC invested in Breathing Buildings in July 2009 and has shown unwavering commitment to growing our business ever since.  Their advice, patience and challenge have helped us grow revenues more than 300% in that time whilst appreciating that this is only the start of our growth story.  Their extensive experience in growing businesses have helped in many unexpected ways including gathering all companies together for an annual portfolio day.  I continue to recommend them to others looking for funding and am a firm advocate in their investor engagement, it always helps to look in the eyes the individuals investing in your company rather than some faceless fund."

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