Backing ambitious entrepreneurs


We look for impressive teams who are building innovative high growth businesses, using technology to change or create markets.


The new wave of technology development will fundamentally change our world, disrupting all markets, across all sectors.  Everything will be up for grabs, and businesses that seize the opportunity will have the potential to alter customer’s patterns of behaviour for good.

We invest in businesses that use software, the internet and data to shake up large markets, transform supply chains, create new customer experiences or reduce the cost to sell or serve.   




High growth

Building a market-leading business requires a sustained period of extraordinary growth.

Our capital empowers entrepreneurs to focus on creating this growth, and our team supports them as they do it.


Our approach

We back businesses that are designed from the start to grow fast, and can demonstrate their ability to do so in a scalable way.

We partner with teams that we’re excited about working with over the long haul. 

We typically invest up to £3m in the first round and £5m-£7m in each company over time. 

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