Building businesses

We see our role as partnering with portfolio teams as they build market-leading, technology enabled businesses.


Building a market-leading business is about bringing together a group of talented managers committed to an ambitious mission.

Finding those people, convincing them to join you and keeping them with you through difficult times is one of the toughest challenges an entrepreneur will face. Our highest priority is supporting entrepreneurs on this journey, drawing on our network and know-how. We bring the benefit of 16 years of experience, across more than 50 MMC-backed companies. 


Partnering with management

We typically commit to serving on our company boards. We believe that a strong well-rounded board helps early-stage companies to develop, and we will work with our entrepreneurs to attract the right talent. 

We support our portfolio companies and management teams at key strategic points while letting them get on with running their businesses. Our entrepreneurs come to us for introductions, our market insight and linking peers and networks both externally and within our portfolio.

Funding strategy through to exit

There is no one path to building and exiting a big business. We understand the need for that flexibility and help our companies access the right advice and capital at the right time.

We are long-term investors with the structure and the mindset to fund companies through this journey and have the patience to wait until the right moment to exit. 

We have a long history of attracting third-party capital to invest alongside us as our businesses scale up.