EIS Fund

Our EIS Fund is suitable for UK taxpayers seeking a diversified portfolio of UK growth businesses benefiting from attractive EIS tax reliefs. These reliefs boost investor returns and offer significant downside protection.


Investment focus

The EIS Fund has a clear investment focus on technology-enabled sectors where the UK is a world leader – specifically financial and business services, business software, digital media and consumer internet.

Through our long presence and reputation in the market we enjoy large proprietary deal flow and are a sought after co-investor for other institutional venture capital funds. This means that EIS Fund investors have access to the same deals as institutional funds that have high investment minimums and 10 year commitments.


Our EIS Fund is always open, enabling subscriptions to be made at any time.  Thus individual investors’ portfolios will vary depending upon when each subscription is made.  MMC seeks to invest each subscription in 8-12 companies within 12 to 18 months. These investments comprise both new deals and follow-on funding for existing investee companies.

Each investor has an account administered by our Nominee, Mainspring Fund Services (interest on cash balances accrues to the investor).  Our Investee Companies will view MMC funding as a single entity, with limited exposure to individual investors. 

Capital is returned to investors as realisations are made and will not be re-invested by us unless we are specifically instructed otherwise.  Investors may re-subscribe to our EIS Fund at any time.

The minimum subscription to the EIS Fund is £25,000.

Target returns

This Fund aims to return 2-3x the invested amount over a 4-7 year investment period. As such it is aimed at investors looking for long-term capital growth or for those looking for significant upside potential as part of a broader portfolio of EIS and VCT products.


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