Growth Generation Fund

Launched in 2010, the Growth Generation Fund (GGF) is uniquely designed to attract younger investors to the venture capital asset class.

In this way, as well as providing an accessible investment structure, the GGF makes available to younger investors an asset class which is traditionally dominated by high minimum investment and significant management fees.

The GGF also operates as a valuable introduction to venture and early-stage investing. We invite all of our GGF investors to our monthly ‘At Home’ events where they can engage with the management teams from our portfolio companies. We also run unique events and seminars that are exclusively for our GGF investors.

The GGF participates in the same flow of deals that the MMC EIS Fund invests in and GGF investors qualify for the same EIS tax reliefs.

We believe the GGF is also unique in that we charge no front end or annual management fees to investors.

A performance fee of 20% is charged on net gains made after the initial capital subscribed has been returned.


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